Sunday, August 28, 2016


Kellie has been writing and performing since 1998. When her heartfelt, raspy vocals are over, Kellie puts her foot right back in her mouth, enjoying playful banter with anyone around – band mates, audience members, her mum, she doesn’t discriminate. Too many school plays have left her with a strange accent, causing many to ask, “where are you from?”… It’s called an Arts Degree, folks, and this is how you use it!

Whilst she obviously loves a laugh, usually at her own expensive, Kellie’s songs are a quirky take on bittersweet love with a catchy tune. What better way to get over a broken heart? Kellie has graced the stages of The Northcote Social Club, The Wesley Anne, The Espy, Pure Pop Records, Manchester Lane, Yah Yahs, The Elwood Lounge, Veludo, The Como and has held several residencies around Melbourne's bars and live music venues.

She has played and recorded with many local musicians over the years. Most recently at the Deni Blues and Roots Festival and St Kilda Festival with Dirt River Radio, Cool Summer Festival with Dallas Frasca, local gigs with Coby Grant and The Ben Smith Band, and a six-month residency with Nicholas Roy (The Voice), but her personal highlight was the ever popular Bunnings tour. Playing at a suburb near you – would you like a sausage and some damn fine tunes with your hardware? Hells yes! Recording artist, bullshit artist, make-up artist, smart-artist…? The hardest working artist (at least at Bunnings).

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